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Trenae Gourmet 

Stay Healthy. Stay consistent, Stay Ready 

Treat Yourself to

Healthy and Delicious Food

Trenae Gourmet provides catering services, meal plans, consultations, custom menus, and reasonable prices in and around Chicago. Our dishes are made with love using fresh ingredients to ensure they’re healthy and tasty. 

Get in Touch

We Would Love To Customize A Catering Package That best Suits Your Exact Needs.

Share with us a few details about your event. Our event planner will contact you as soon as possible

Try out our TG favorite...

Gourmet Taco Bar – $100.00

Build Your Own – Comes with  24 Corn Street Taco Shells, Jalepeno Lime Sauce, cheese. Feeds 12-15 people.

Protein (Choose 1)

  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Black Bean Salad
  • Shrimp + $20.00
  • Ground Turkey


  • Spinach or lettuce
  • Fresh Salsa Fresca
  • TG Avocado Salad
  • TG’s “Sour Cream” (Greek Yogurt Base)


  • Quesadillas 8 pieces $20​.00
  • Tortilla​ Chips $5.00

Order Taco Bar here

Seasonal items

Infused Food

Highly Flavored is an THC/CBD infused food experience with the same healthy kick. We setup up the food bar of your choice and stay and warm or serve on site. We ensure everyone’s health and safety so portion control is necessary. THC helps with joint pain, anxiety and overrall happy feeling.

Must be  21  

Order here

Seasonal Juices n Hot Detox drinks

Order now 

Seasonal fresh juices, and  Tea G on the go detox drinks 

Everything you need in a disposable pouch. Grab it on your way out the door and just add 1 cup of  hot water and all the ingredients. 

$5.00 each

Meal Plan Options 

7 day meal plan 


Per week

Best Package Offer

Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Lunch & Dinner



5 day meal plan 


Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Lunch, dinner


Do you like to cook, but just need help with ideas?

Contact us for a consultation  

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Talks W/ TG



Best Package Offer

40 min session

20 min  for 2 days

Includes :

2 - 20 min virtual conversations

Based off your goals we will create a 7 day  meal plan 

Give great tips on natural foods for health benefits 

TG quick recipe book

Free  exclusive subscription to “TG on the go” alerts


Family Dinner

For 5 


Per night

Best for Busy homes


Family Themed Dinner 

Burger Night 

Taco Night 

Chipotle Night 

& more  W/ a healthy twist  

Free exclusive subscription T 


TG “ on the go “

​We host gourmet dinners, events , pop up shops and more throughout Chicago. Come see us at our next event 

See what events  we have next 

TG Talk/ Consultations

This includes a 20-minute virtual session where we provide tips, pointers, and a custo​m 7- or 30-day meal plan for $75.00.